Quotes Arras vs. Municipal Targoviste


Florin Nini, Targoviste coach:

"[It was a] good game. We fought a lot, played well, our game was excellent. We made some mistakes but we wanted to prove we can play at this level. Don't forget we are the first Romanian team in EuroLeague."

Gabriela Marginean, Targoviste:

"If we beat Kosice [next week] we can make the playoffs!. We need to do our best."

Johanne Gomis, Arras:

"We started really well. They did not. Then we stopped to play during the third quarter but we didn't give up and finally we won. [This is] a great victory for our supporters."

Marc Silvert, Arras coach:

"For the first time we were favorite. Imagine...we had to be in the skin of a favorite. It's different. In the 3rd quarter we don't score anymore and we are not able to attack their zone defense. But we win and it's important to be able to win closed games. It means you are strong mentally.


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