Quotes Arras vs. Fenerbahce


Fenerbahce forward Angel McCoughtry
"Don't look at the score. This team (Arras) play hard but our team had a great game today."

Fenerbahce head coach Roberto Iniguez
"In my team I want discipline, defense, talented offense and luck. Tonight we just need to be better in defense. My ambition in the Euroleague is to win game after game, step by step. Don't think about the future, we need to show week after week that we are the best. About Arras, this is the first year in Euroleague, they fight and they will progress."

Arras forward Olesia Malashenko
"We respect this team but we tried to do our best. Tonight they had a great shooting percentage. We need to take more good shoots."

Arras head coach Thibaut Petit
"We try but we play against a team whose danger comes from everywhere! We had a good 1st and 3rd quarter but when we slack we take 10-0 in few minutes. Today we saw a fantastic Fenerbahce team but the attitude of my players was good. Don't forget that we have two players of the starting five injured."


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