Quotes Uni Györ vs. Wisla Can-Pack


Ákos Fűzy, Uni Györ coach:
"This was a very important victory for us. The plan was to hold Tina Charles, which we did; her stats reflect, that she lagged behind her usual average. My team focused on double defence tactics until the end. Brilliant individual performances and changes from the bench all contributed to the result."

Jose Ignacio Hernandez, Wisla Can-Pack coach:
"Győr was much better than Wisla tonight, managing to stay focused until the end. Our defensive game was a disaster and a glance at the stats proves that our hosts outplayed us across the board. Their domination in rebounds sealed our fate, so we must win at least two-three of our remaining games [to qualify]."

Anna Laklóth, Uni Györ:
"We came out to play using very good tactics and stuck to them until the end. Also, we never doubted that we could win."

Dóra Horti, Wisla Can-Pack:
"Congratulations to Győr! With the defence we played, it’'s impossible to win a match; that was our major problem. A good team sees and exploits an opportunity like that and this is exactly what Győr did."


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