Quotes: Uni Györ vs. Tarsus


Uni Gyor head coach Akos Füzy

"I am happy about our win tonight. Although we have our troubles, we managed to put them aside for 40 minutes tonight. We have to fight our ghosts, and we are looking for our place. Nonetheless we had team unity for this match and this is the road we will have to stick to."

Tarsus head coach Erdal Yegi

"We were no match for Győr in terms of rebounding tonight. Our offence was not properly organised either, and these two things combined led to our defeat. Still, we won’t give up our EWL hopes, and will carry on the fight."

Uni Gyor player Ieva Kublina

"As the result and stats show, we really played as a team tonight. If we continue playing like this, I think we will always have a shot at victory."

Tarsus player Amaya Valdemoro

"Congrats to Gyor, they really played well in this match. Their strength was their team play. Tarsus will keep on pushing for its first EWL victory."


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