Quotes Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje vs. BK IMOS Brno

14 November 2012

Brno assistant coach Milan Veverka:
"Sparta&k has at least six player that are of a higher level of our players. This is a team with Olympic, World and European Champions and therefore we knew we had a difficult task at hand. What worsened the situation was that Horakova ran a fever just a few hours before departure from Brno. We tried but Sparta&k played so well that they were able to play all their players."

Brno player Farhiya Abdi:
"I feel we played well but when you are playing against a team like Sparta&k there is little you can expect. Actually I feel it was a great opportunity for us to have a very strong "practice" which hopefully will help us in our upcoming games such as next week's game versus Rivas. I am positive we will do better and have a desired result."

Sparta&K head coach Pokey Chatman:
"We came into this game with a determination to play good defense and that is why we set a difficult target which was to keep this young and aggressive team under 65 points. Thanks to a very good team effort we succeeded. On the other hand our transition offense was good. What also made us happy is that contrary to prior games we had a good second half. Slowly we are getting to where we want to be."

Sparta&K player Natalia Vieru:
"There is not much one can say about a game like this except that this was a good win. We followed the coaching staff's instruction and we tried our best to play good defense and I believe the final score shows that. At the same time I am happy for this win because it was against a young team which surely will play better and win some games many people do not expect they could win. Bottom line: It was a good result."



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