Quotes Artland Dragons vs. Triumph Lyubertsy


Stefan Koch, Artland Dragons head coach:

"It was for sure a factor that they didn't have Landry and Zvarykin, as they are two important players for them. We played okay today, not good, not bad, just okay. In the fourth quarter we lost our focus and became too predictable in our passing. And our fouling situation was very bad. We got 28 foul calls today, I can't remember getting as many calls against us in a game before this season. But it will be a different game in Moscow when they will have their full squad."

Adam Hess, Artland Dragons player:
"It was a very physical game. They struggled from the three-point-line, but we have to be ready for them when we play on home court. For us, this win was a good step towards our goal, which is to advance. I think we play really good as a team right now."

Alexey Vasilyev, Triumph Lyubertsy coach:
"It was a tough game for us with all these injuries. We basically only had a six player rotation which is not enough to win against such a good team like the Artland Dragons. We played terrible in the first half, although we prepared very well for this game. But for some reason the players forgot how we had to play against them. We have to do better on both sides of the court."

Davon Jefferson, Triumph Lyubertsy player:
"It was a tough game for us, they are a very good team, very well coached, very well organized. They seem to have about 100 American [players], I felt a little bit like back in college. They executed very well and were prepared. We have to get better on defense."


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