Quotes Pinar Karsiyaka vs. Antwerp Giants


Pinar Karsiyaka coach Hakan Demir:
"We are happy for the great win, congratulations to my team. After a tough and largely defensive game for both sides, we are happy for winning. Now we are looking forward to the next games."

Pinar Karsiyaka player Emre Bayav:
"We can thank my team-mates for this victory but also our spectators who came to watch us tonight. We have now won two in a row, we are looking forward to the next games."

Antwerp Giants coach Eddy Casteels:
"That was a total disappointment for me. After losing against Artland last week, we came all the way down here to win, but my team did not stand up against a tough defence. Esspecially losing the control [of the game] in the third and fourth quarter, cost us the game."

Antwerp Giants player Roel Moors:
"We were not expecting to lose that easily. We also tried to play aggresive but could not do it against our opponent's defense. Maybe losing the game is acceptable but that was not a 20-points [difference] game."


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