Quotes Besiktas Milangaz vs. Mad-Croc Fuenlabrada


Fuenlabrada Head Coach Porfirio Fisac
"We played against a great team and we are still on the way to go to the next level as a team. I am very glad that we got the win. It's a great feeling for me to win here, but it's even a greater experience for my players to play here and also get the win."

Besiktas Milangaz Head Coach Ergin Ataman
"It's a tough loss but being already qualified for the quarter- finals matters the most. So, we'll focus to do our best, against our opponents in the QF which is Artland Dragons. And I think in Germany we will have a good support from our fans."

Fuenlabrada player Alvaro Munoz
"We opened the game with a very good offensive performance and later they managed to come back. For the second half we had a slow start, but we performed really well on defense inthe 4th quarter. It helped us to get the win. I think it was a very exciting game for all the fans."

Besiktas Milangaz player Serhat Cetin
"For me, it's hard to accept such a loss. But we have to look the situation game by game. So now we'll have to focus on our game in Germany."


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