Quotes Besiktas Milangaz vs. BC NN


BC NN Head Coach Zoran Lukıc
"Besiktas had concetration problems, we had problems under the basket but we controlled the game. We lost the game in the last 3 seconds."

Besiktas Head Coach Ergin Ataman
"We didn't play well tonight, but it's nice to keep the leadership battle for the last game. Fist reason for this bad game was exhaustion from the games that we played in a row in theTurkish Cup. We played three very hard games. The second reason for this bad game was loss of concentration. The only thing that can make us play good was the fans today. Everybody relaxed after the Cup, both the team and the fans. BC NN was eliminated but they played very well."

BC NN player Aliaksandr Pustahvar
"Besiktaş Milangaz couldn't control the game , we played very well for 33 minutes but could not finish the game like this. Congratulations to Besiktas." 

Besiktas player Adem Ören
"As the Cup-winning team we were expecting more fans in the arena but there were not. This was one of the reason for our bad game, but it's nice to win."



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