Quotes Generali Okapi Aalstar vs. Elan Chalon


Elan Chalon Head Coach Gregor Beugnot
"All the credit to Aalstar, they played a huge game. But my team knew at halftime that Bonn has lost against Szolnoki and that we were qualified for the quarterfinals. We continued the game without pressure. It was important to stay fresh and healthy for the next important game in the French competition against Dijon."

Okapi Aalstar Head Coach Brad Dean
"I'm very pleased how we played against Chalon, especially the second half. They took only one offensive rebound which means that our defense was pretty good. We haven't reached the quarterfinals due to our big loss in Hungary where we lost with 36 points."

Elan Chalon player Steed Tcicamboud
"This is not a huge lost game. Okay, we lost by 20 but at halftime we knew already we were qualified. That's also the reason why the coach kept Schilb on the bench in the last quarter. The coach rotated well with all the players and no one played more than 28 minutes."

Okapi Aalstar player Nate Fox
"This big win was a nice end of the tournament. Most of the countries haven't got respect for the Belgian teams, but Aalstar and Antwerp have shown that Belgian teams can also play basketball. We had a minor rotation today but Luyten took his chance and was a very important factor in this win."


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