Quotes Elan Chalon vs. Szolnoki Olaj


Ilian Evtimov, player of Elan Chalon:
"I think [you can say we deserved victory] when we look at the stats and particulary the rebounds. The shot well from three during the first half. In the second half, we tried to be more active and had a better cohesion in defense."

Obbie Trotter, player of Szolnoki Olaj:
"We lost a lot of balls, and they took some easy shots. We had a lot of trouble in offensive rebounds."

Péter Pór, coach of Szolnoki Olaj:
"At the end we lost our concentration and we had physical trouble. Chalon put a lot of pressure on our defense, they were agressive.  We were missing one player of our team tonight, so one missing rotation."

Gregor Beugnot, coach of Elan Chalon:
"It is a really hard to play against this team, because they got everything - big guys, good point guard , good shooters, and they took us out of our rhythm. We made the difference at the end of game."