Quotes BK Ventspils vs. ZZ Leiden


GundarsĀ  Vetra, head coach BK Ventspils:
"The team played well in the first half of the game; we had good offense, the players felt the team spirit and everything went as planned. In the second half, and especially the last quarter, it looked as if the players were already waiting for the end of the game. The team played not as we planned. It seems that our oponents wanted to win this game more than us."

Jahmar Young, player BK Ventspils:
"At the end of the game nothing worked out. We did not stick together as a team and as a result we lost this game."

Toon Van Helfteren, head coach ZZ Leiden:
"We started passive and it looked as if we do not have a game motivation. Ventspils used their oportunities and played well. But then the fighting spirit of my team [finally] took over and we succeded in trimming the [opponents'] lead. In the fourth quarter everyting worked out for my team. That gave us the victory."

Thomas Jackson, player ZZ Leiden:
"We started slow and dug ourselves a hole. At the beginning it looked like we did not stand a chance. But we stuck together as a team, tried to do the best we could and we came out of all this with a win."



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