Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Roanne Basket


Roanne Basket Head Coach Luka Pavicevic
"First of all I want to congratulate Ventspils with the win. At the end of the fourth quarter we lost the focus of the game, and that way we also lost the 7-8 point advantage. Ventspils used our turnovers and made three crucial three-pointers."

BK Ventspils Head Coach Gundars Vetra
"I just want to say that you always watch a game until the end. We were playing like a team. We are a team. We have an attitude right now that led us to a big and important victory. I said to my players in the locker room: ‘You as a team have guts!'"

Roanne Basket player John Holland
"This is a heartbreaking loss. We came here determined to win but it turned out to be just like last week in Oldenburg. We did everything we could. This is how basketball is. Sometimes the ball rolls out of the basket, sometimes it rolls in. This time it rolled in."

BK Ventspils player Ronalds Zaķis
"It was a fantastic and tough game. We tied the game after trailing by 7-8 points. We believed, the fans believed, and we made it."


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