Quotes Spain vs. France

30 June 2013

Spain Player Sancho Lyttle:
"When I came here, everybody was talking about finishing among the first five teams, and I come from America, I wanted to win the gold. This final was a tough game, both teams fought a lot and at the end we won only by one."

Spain Head Coach Lucas Mondelo:
"We are the European Champions, having come here through qualifications, with young players, playing against the hosts, playing against the best roster, silver medallists at the Olympic Games... To win against the best roster, we had to be the best, and we were."

France Player Celine Dumerc:
"What can I say? Playing the final, against Spain, and losing it by one... We are going to have nightmares tonight. I hope, at least, it was a good game of basketball."

France Head Coach Pierre Vincent:
"Congratulations to Spain, they played at a very high level. We had intensity to play against them but this is basketball; we did our best. I have to tell my players that it is time to forget."


30.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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