Quotes Belarus vs. France

23 June 2013
Belarus Head Coach Rimantas Grigas

"We can do much better than we did today. If we stayed together and kept pushing through with our tactics, as we showed in the first and second quarter, we could have done much better in the second half.

"In the third and fourth quarter we played more open basketball and the French are very good at this type of game."

Belarus player Maryia Papova
"We tried to do our best and spent a lot of time preparing for this game. Some things we did at a very good level, some things not, but on the whole we are satisfied with our performance today."

France Head Coach Pierre Vincent
"It is a difficult team to play because they are well organised and they have big abilities to score from inside and outside players. It is not too easy to beat this team, they have been at the top level for five or six years."

France player Diandra Tchatchouang
"We did a pretty good job on defence. We played good team defence and in offence we were able to play to our post players."


23.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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