Quotes Great Britain vs. Belarus

21 June 2013

Great Britain Head Coach Damian Jennings
"Playing against us is tough. We don't get scared playing any of these countries that have a better history than us in terms of basketball and we came here thinking we can win."

Great Britain player Johannah Leedham
"It's a tough loss for us. We didn't play solid enough. They just out-hustled us and won the possession game and worked harder than us. They beat us at our own game."

Belarus Head Coach Rimantas Grigas
"It was a tough game mentally for us because we lost our last game to Serbia and made a lot of mistakes. So we were nervous and our opponents felt that. But this was also the same for our opponents and we coped better with the nerves and grabbed the win."

Belarus player Yelena Leuchanka
"It was a tough game coming back from a tough loss. It was a big one for us to help us qualify. We made some big shots today when we needed them."


21.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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