Quotes France vs. Czech Republic

21 June 2013

Czech Republic Head Coach Lubor Blazek
"Sometimes we just need to respect the strength of our opponent. France played a very good game. We lost by 15 points and being quite a new team, for me, this result is very motivating for our further games."

Czech Republic player Petra Kulichová
"In parts of the game, I felt like we were very even. We did some things well, we felt we had some good moments. But the important moments were the important rebounds we gave to French team so they could shoot more."

France Head Coach Pierre Vincent
"We are so strong inside that we give so many balls inside, they don't need more. We just need to balance and when you have the chance you have to shoot. If I was on the court I would shoot all the time, but I am not."

France player Emilie Gomis
"We played a good game against a very talented team. The worst point is our shooting percentage. We are on a good wave and will try to continue on this wave."


21.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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