Quotes Croatia vs. France

19 June 2013

Croatia Head Coach Stipe Bralic

"I think France is the best team in the tournament. They have excellent players and in the first half they destroyed my team. They played excellent defence, we didn't play smart in offence."

Croatia player Ana Lelas

"We started really badly. We took the shots that we shouldn't have done in the beginning of the game, and we hurried. We let them get rebounds and fast breaks."

France Head Coach Pierre Vincent

"It is difficult for us to stay concentrated. The difficulty for us is to share the time and rest our best players and keep the energy up."

France player Endene Miyem

"It was a difficult game because this team of Croatia is applying a lot on the outside shot so when they are not scoring it is okay, but when they start to score it gets difficult and that is what happened in the second half."


19.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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