Quotes France vs. Great Britain

17 June 2013

Great Britain Head Coach Damian Jennings
"Clearly we are disappointed to lose. We don't play these games to lose but I think the stats show the difference in the talent levels."

Great Britain player Johannah Leedham
"It was always going to be a tough match-up for us. They take one player off and bring another great player on. We did well at times and executed on offense but there are times when we didn't."

France Head Coach Pierre Vincent
"We played particularly well in defence. Great Britain is an unusual team to play with their philosophy on offence. We had the team to beat them."

France player Isabelle Yacoubou
"In our history we have played twice against Great Britain and we lost one and the other time it was really tough for us and a physical game. We knew that and prepared really well for this game."


17.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013

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