Quotes USO Mondeville vs. Elitzur Ramla


Hervé Coudray, head coach USO Mondeville:
"It was a close game, the first half was complicated because we didn't know much about their offensive and defensive systems. We had no solution during the first half."

Adan Inbar, head coach Elitzur Ramla:
"We played a very good first half. We had a very good defense. We are happy and pleased with this victory. Mondeville has good players, good luck for their next games."

KB Sharp, point guard USO Mondeville:
"Their pressing was tough and it was difficult to play [against]. We put more intensity in the 3rd quarter. We managed to play quick. We had maybe too much respect because their are the defending champions."

Laine Selwyn, point guard Elitzur Ramla:
"It was very difficult for them to score. Mondeville is a very young team and easy to coach. We had a lot of pressure because of the crowd."


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