Quotes SISU vs. Chevakata


Chevakata head coach Olga Shuneykina:
"We're feeling the time difference and our girls were a little tired; we will do much better next time".

SISO Head Coach Hrannar Holm:
"We can definitely hold these teams in defense, but our players were intimidated on offense and needed a little more confidence. I have never seen our shot percentage so low, but I'm proud, we're learning and this is great for us".

Chevakata Forward Olesia Malashenko:
"We struggled against SISU's press in the start and we made many turnovers. We don't like that and we're not used to that, it was a big surprise".

Chevakata Player Svetlana Makhlina:
"We didn't know what to expect, we haven't been here before, so the game was very unpredictable, we changed tactics up a bit against the press and that worked. Back home we'll look to do better, maybe 100 points."


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