Quotes Hainaut Basket vs. Lemminkainen


Hainaut head coach Corinne BĂ©nintendi:
"Congratulations to my team, it was not done because we had two injured players. Our Eurocup group is difficult, but our goal is to obtain 6 wins."

Hainaut player Emilie Petiteau-Silbande:
"We have some confidence. When Lemminkainen came back, we were not worried. We know our value, we always fight."

Lemminkainen head coach Dalius Ubartas:
"This is a good lesson for us, we are a young team. We were not successful in stopping Ashley Houts, who is important in Saint-Amand's team. It was not our day today but we played better than the first game against this team."

Lemminkainen player Monika Grigalauskyte:
"We did not work well on defense. This game will help us in our championship. Saint-Amand have more experience than us, we learned from this game."


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