Quotes Mad-Croc Fuenlabrada vs. Triumph Lyubertsy


Vasily Karasev, coach of Triumph Lyubersty

"We are very happy. This victory was the reward for a job well done. We played very aggressive from the start. I think the key has been that we have played more fresh and we had several days to prepare for the match. We played a very balanced way. It's a shame that Mad Croc Fuenlabrada has had only one day to prepare for this match after a tough match in the Spanish league. I am very proud of the work of my young players, they are competing at the highest level knowing. They are the future of the Russian national team."

Dimitry Kulagin, point guard of Triumph Lyubersty
"We managed to play at a high level of intensity. The key is that we have been more fresh than them and we played with great regularity. We are very happy to have entered the Final Four and is the reward for a job well done. It was our chance to make it big in Europe this season and we have taken advantage of."

Porfi Fiscac, coach of Mad Croc Fuenlabrada
"It was a shame, but we played with too much anxiety. In some phases of the game have been too fast. In some parts of the game we have heavy doubts and have paid the confusion of ideas. Anyway, I'm very proud with the level of commitment and dedication of my players throughout the season. It is time to lift your head and look ahead."

Quino Colom, point guard of Mad Croc Fuenlabrada
"We lacked intensity to compete on equal terms with the Triumph. I think we played too many matches and have accumulated excessive fatigue. It's a great shame, but we must learn from our mistakes and better compete in the Spanish league. The EuroChallenge has helped us grow as a team and to visit beautiful places. But now we must focus on the ACB."


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