Quotes Roanne Basket vs. Elan Chalon


Elan Chalon Head Coach Greg Beugnot
"It is not in the situation of Roanne in the sense that it was the success since the beginning of the year. There is a belief. With two minutes remaining, they were told it was only four three-point baskets that's all, if we score two quick ones they will panic. And we made them, that's exceptional."

Chorale Roanne Head Coach Luka Pavicevic
"This defeat has something to strengthen our frustration because we had built a victory but we were not able to conclude. We had also managed a big game in Chalon on Tuesday, but it was again the same scenario."

Elan Chalon player Alade Aminou
"We never doubted, everyone thought the same at minus 12 points in the last quarter. This is our strength this season, we are never beaten."

Chorale Roanne player Thomas Larrouquis
"It is the third or fourth time we lose like that this year. We let them take easy shots, whereas on our side we cannot finish the match, me I had a couple of open shots. If I had made one maybe the game could be over."


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