Quotes Elan Chalon vs. Roanne Basket


Chorale Roanne Head Coach Luka Pavicevic
"Congratulations to Greg Beugnot and the team of Chalon. We had good referees tonight, I am worried because we played against another French team but this is the only way to go to the Final Four. But Chalon is first in the championship, we tried to make a difference and surprise them tonight. We don't have to forget we played in Chalon."

Elan Chalon Head Coach Greg Beugnot
"We needed to stay in this game, it was a duel during 40 minutes tonight, we had trouble in rebounds and we need to correct it before the next game."

Chorale Roanne player Mouloukou Diabate
"We are frustrated about this game, we made mistakes and we missed a lot of free throws but in general we did a good job tonight, and we're going to do our best in 48 hours to come back to Chalon next week."

Elan Chalon player Blake Schilb
"It was a big surprise tonight for the first game, the two teams began very well but we need to be better on Tuesday at Roanne. They have two good big men and we were may be tired because we had made a good Friday game in the league."


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