Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Szolnoki Olaj

20 March 2012

Szolnoki center Marton Bader
"We are very proud and happy with the result. Ventspils is a good team with good chemistry, they have deserved to be in the top 8 or top 6. But this is basketball."

Szolnoki head coach Peter Por
"From all these three games this was the weakest by Ventspils. If we consider the game after the second half, we looked better and deserved to win today. With every game our team looked better. After the first game we changed some details in our defense and offence and this helped us, and also because we showed character."

Ventspils power forward Arturs Berzins
"Congratulations to Szolnoki Olaj for the win. I wish them good luck. We made mistakes in important moments. I think 15 turnovers in such an important game is too much."

Ventspils head coach Gundars Vetra
"I suppose they deserved to win more than us, I wish Szolnoki Olaj good luck in further games. At the beginning we took the lead very easily, but in the second half our oponents caught us. We made mistakes on the court and this prevented us from winning. But it is not so bad, because my guys showed that they are good team and now we have to get over this loss and prepare for further games in other leagues."


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