Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Szolnoki Olaj

13 March 2012

Szolnoki Olaj Head Coach Peter Por
"Both teams acted nervous at the beginning, but we were even. We did not find easy shots, but Grey scored many crucial shots and it changed a lot for us. Ventspils defeated us with their defence. I do not plan many changes for the next game, however we are determined to win."

Ventspils Head Coach Gundars Vetra
"The main thing is to win. Of course we can still improve many things and we will work on it when preparing for the next game. At the beginning we played nervously, because many players are young and do not have play-off experience. During the game we found our feeling and it led to a win. I think we managed to control the game."

Szolnoki Olaj player Marton Bader
"Ventspils had the home court advantage. The first game is always important and we tried to do everything, however maybe we did not have enough concentration. Ventspils deserved to win, but in two days we will have the chance to play in our court and we will not give up."

Ventspils player Steven Gray
"They missed many shots, however I have heard that they are very good in home games. This means that we have to prepare better on defence and play even better than today."


13.03.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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