Quotes Szolnoki Olaj KK vs. Tampereen Pyrintö


Szolnoki Olaj coach Péter Pór:
"We started the game in a good tempo. We continue where we finished in Finland but Tampere's defense made our offensive game very slow. We had to shoot a lot of three-pointers but we had bad stats tonight."

Szolnoki Olaj player Márton Báder:
"Congratulations to Tampere, hey played a good game. It was a much closer game than what I expected."

Tampereen Pyrintö coach Pieti Poikola:
"We played bad tonight. We had a 20 points difference at home and it was a big mistake to lose that [margin]. We fought but we made a lot of mistakes. The home team felt so comfortable on home court."


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