Quotes Arkadia Traiskirchen vs. Atomerömü SE


Andrea Maghelli, Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions coach:
"Our opponent deserved to make it to the group stage. We tried hard for the win, without thinking about the difference, but with so many turnovers it is not easy to win."

Tiras Wade, Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions:
"We played much better than in the first game. It does not matter that we did not qualify because we learned a lot and improved."

Peter Völgyi, Atomerömü SE coach:
"It was a confident qualification. We were a way better during the series and also in this second game."

Lorenzo Williams, Atomerömü SE:
"We did a great job tonight. We had a great start, came out very strong  und had the lead the whole game. Now we have to make the next step; the groupe stage will be a tougher proposition."



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