Quotes Triumph Lyubertsy vs. Krasnye Krylia


BC Triumph coach Valdemaras Chomicius:
"I'm satisfied with the result, but it's only half way in the Qualifying Round for us, so I can't be absolutely happy with the win. I think that we were successful in sticking to our plans for the game, and we withstood he difficulties [of the game] and the aggressive game of our rival."

Krasnye Krylia Samara coach Sergey Bazarevich:
"There are many reasons for this result. But first of all we were tired mentally and physically, I asked my team to have patience, to try their best, but we were not able [to do this]. This is, at the beginning of the season we have to play in the Qualifying Round of two tournaments - it is like the play-offs, but only at the beginning of the season. I also believe that Triumph had more luck tonight."



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