Quotes BC Enisey vs. Spartak Primorye


Sergei Toporov, BC Enisey player:
"Many thanks to all fans of Krasnoyarsk, we are playing Eurochallenge. We began well, but at some point [we] slowed down; but we had a great 4th quarter. [It is] very hard to play like this, counting the aggregate of the total score over two games. Normally it's easier to play for two wins, instead of fighting for score difference. I'm very happy we made it. We played a smart game and we deserve to play in the Eurochallenge."

Stevan Karadzic, BC Enisey coach:
"Congratulations to the players for this victory, they spent a lot of energy and power today. And many thanks to our fans for the support. This was a triumph of justice. Last season we were sixth in the national league but had to play qualification and we proved that is the place where we belong. The team was assembled quite late, we need more time to [be able to] play together to have extra power and game quality. In the game, the defensive rebounds were our major concern. Vladivostok had 19 offensive rebounds. We were nervous, which caused turnovers, but eventually we achieved our goal. We will be now playing in three competitions, which makes a good schedule for our spectators. They have a chance to see many games."

Boris Levanov, Spartak Primorye coach:
"It was a great game for spectators, for us it was a good lesson; it's always easier to learn from mistakes. With better percentage, we could have had a different result, anyways I am not ashamed of the team. We had a decent beginning of the season."

Gennadiy Zelenskiy, Spartak Primorye player:
"We were ready for this game, we did not think of the +17 pts difference from the first leg; we were ready to win the game. For us as a team this was a test as a first road game."



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