Quotes Spartak Primorye vs. BC Enisey


Stevan Karadzic, coach BC Enisey:
"We came to Vladivostok only two days after a game in Lithuania. In the begining of the game everything seemed to be fine, but later we played bad defence. In the 2nd period we alreayd knew who'd be the winner of this match..."

Boris Livanov, coach Spartak Primorye:
"In this match we had a lot of ups and downs. In the begining we were not a team. But in the 2nd period we were stronger than Enisey. We start the season well. Our rival are a strong team and we respect them."

Andrey Komarovskiy, BC Enisey:
"We have no excuse, but we were left with no energy after our game in Lithuania. We will try to win at home."

Evgeny Baburin, Spartak Primorye:
"I'm very happy because we started the season with a win. It was a hard game. Enisey are very experienced, but in the 2nd period our team played very good basketball."



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