Quotes Elan Chalon vs. Triumph Lyubertsy


Triumph Lyubertsy Head Coach Vasiliy Karasev
We haven't played our game today. We have a team with a lot of young players and it was too much pressure for them. It was very hard because we only had two players performing well.

Elan Chalon Head Coach Gregor Beugnot
The third quarter was not as good as the firt two, but the last five minutes we played well again which is good for our confidence. The EuroChallenge is a good competition. If you start a competition you always try to get to the final. I am very happy for my team and I hope we finish well. We have nothing to lose in the final.

Triumph Lyubertsy player Jerry Jefferson
We knew this game would be tough. Chalon are a very well-coached team with a good chemistry. They started the game with great energy. We weren't able to make stops both on offense and defense.

Elan Chalon player Steed Tchicamboud
I would not really say that it was a boring game, but it did not have any intensity, so there's nothing really to point out.


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