Quotes Pau Lacq Orthez vs. Artland Dragons


Artland guard David Holston:
"We played a serious game tonight especially in defense with concentration. We did the necesary to get the win and to keep working with confidence for the future".

Artland head coach Stefan Koch:
"The game was special tonight since both teams played for nothing. For us it was a good oportunity to share minutes and to involve all the players. The victory is a good bonus which permits us to finish the first round with great confidence."

Pau Lacq Orthez player Junior Elonu:
"This game with no direct effect on the competition is a good preparation for Nancy. We had to react after the big disapointment of the last French game. We must work hard until saturday because it will be a tough game."

Pau Lacq Orthez head coach Laurent Vila:
"Even if the result was not important tonight, my players had a good reaction fighting hard in defense and looking for good options offensively. We have to improve our intensity on defense over 40 minutes and we must go to the offensive rebounds with the spirit of a winner. The team did not give up tonight, this is positive for the future."


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