Quotes Szolnoki Olaj KK vs. Pau Lacq Orthez


Pau guard Teddy Gipson:
"We played with a good team. I just look at the stats and they eat us well. They started the game so good. They played like a team."

Pau Head Coach Didier Dobbels:
"We played a real good game. They were really good and fast. It will be hard for everybody to win here. We are a young team and it was our first European game. We will try to improve. We want to play good in our championship."

Szolnok Head Coach Peter Pór:
"We  started the game so good. In half time, the difference was 20 points that's why we tried to
play slowly. All our defense was good and rebounds too. Thats why we win."

Szolnok center Márton Báder:
"Our coach made a good job. We needed this win. The next games we will do better and we need our fans too."


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