Quotes Elan Chalon vs. CSU Mobitelco


U-Mobitelco Cluj player Kyndall Dykes:

"We are disapointed. We played on the same level, we lost during the second quarter, and we have a bad percentage at three-point-shooting. Maybe we lost the qualification tonight but we gonna fight in each game and hope."

Cluj head coach Marcel Tenter:
"We did not enter the game well, did not play defense and were bad at outside shooting, Chalon got confidence, and at the end we come back but they played well. We had our chances but we didn't finish the job."

Elan Chalon player Blake Schilb:
"We started the game very fast, we got open shots and were good in defense. During the first half we did a great job in offense and in defense."

Chalon head coach Greg Beugnot:
"We played well, but when we began to lead with a big difference, we went outside the system, lost balls, and they came back. Tonight, I saw my young players playing well and I need them. We had assists and free throws tonight, but we lost the offense rebounds."


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