Quotes CSU Mobitelco vs. Elan Chalon


Elan Chalon Guard Malcolm Delaney:
"It was a tough game, they played extremely well. They didn't let us play, we really had to fight together as a team. They played a heck of a game and fought right till the end, so it was a really great game. I'm just glad it came out the way it did. Coming here we talked a lot about coming out with a lot of energy, come out fighting, we were expecting a tough game. It was a great atmosphere, their fans are crazy in a good way and gave energy so they made the game really intense. The atmosphere was really intense."

Elan Chalon Head coach Gregor Beugnot:
"I want to congratulate the public, which shows respect for the opponent team. It was really difficult. I want to sigle out the whole team who fought really hard. I think the group is very difficult and an away victory is always important."

U-Mobitelco Head coach Marcel Tenter:
"I want to thank the coach for the kind words for our team. I can only say I felt proud in our gym, in front of our fans who were making the right atmosphere as usually. We lost a game that we really felt we could have won. We fought 40 minutes but they put a lot of pressure on us forcing us to get in foul trouble."

U-Mobitelco Player Zoran Krstanovic:
"We played well, we fought in this game and had the chance to win, but in the last quarter we made some mistakes that cost us the match. We still believe in our chances and we're glad we represented Romania in a good way."