Quotes Antwerp Giants vs. Elan Chalon


Antwerp head coach Eddy Casteels:
"A game is 40 minutes. We didn't finish it. Congratualations to Chalon for the group victory. Now we have to focus on the Belgian competition and from January 10th to the Last 16 of the EuroChallenge."

Chalon head coach Gregor Beugnot:
"The two best teams qualified for the Final 16. Antwerp Giants was maybe the best team in the group. We only won by a miracle."

Antwerp point guard Tim Black:
'We played a big game, but at the end we forgot to win. We have a in close game a lot of changes. Chalon was perfect at the end.'

Chalon player Bryant Smith:
'The win and the first place was for Antwerp Giants. In the last five seconds we scored important points and booked a close victory. That's sports, how hard it is for Antwerp Giants.' 


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