Quotes BK Ventspils vs. BC NN


Jovan Beader, assistant coach of BC Nizhny Novgorod:
"It is hard to speak after such game. It should have been our game - we came here to win. We missed our chances in the most important moments, and we also lost the rebounds in the last quarter. By the end of the game we played not what we had planned. I think that for the team there were also a psychological burden, because we had lost three games in a row."

Oleg Baranov, captain of BC Nizhny Novgorod:
"We played bad in the first two quarters, we did not have an agressive defensive and Ventspils ended the first half with a +10 point advantage. In the third quarter we played more agressive. But, inĀ  the end we missed important opportunities and rebounds. Luck was not on our side tonight."

Gundars Vetra, head coach of BC Ventspils:
"I am happy to speak after such victory. I think thatĀ  the +10 after the first half helped us to concentrate on the game and win. The tactic we chose was the right one. The team played on a good level and the main task now is to keep this level for the next games."

Arturs Berzins, BC Ventspils:
"Tonight we won because our team showed character. The first half went according to our scenario, but the third quarter was not as good, maybe because we got a little bit tired. But the last quarter showed that we have a character as a team and this can lead to a victory. Many thanks to Young for his [made] three point shot.


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