Quotes BK Prostejov vs. BC Goverla


Prostejov shooting guard Pavel Slezak:
"After the first difficult minutes of the game we started playing great team defense and got our tempo up. We forced our opponent to tough shooting positions and from the most part we controlled the game."

Prostejov head coach Zbynek Choleva:
"I am thankful for the effort my players put in. We could not get into it from the start but our great defense did its work and helped us to control the game later on. We shot out the paint and took away most of the shots from the perimeter and did a great job on guarding key players of our opponent. It was difficult to stay concentrated especially at the start of third quarter where we were up by 20 points. Even thought we had some downs we dominated on defense and grabbed an important win."

Goverla guard Marcus Walker:
"We did not fight enough to have a chance to win the game. We did not have the integrity and heart."

Goverla head coach Evgeni Murzin:
"Let me congratulate to BK Prostejov. They played very well, especially on defense. Most of our players could not get into the tempo. We prepared for the game but not everyone understood what needed to be done. I missed the willingness of my players to fight as a team and change the result."


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