Quotes BC Goverla vs. BK Prostejov


Zbynek Choleva, head coach of BK Prostejov:
"We are very lucky that we won, because we were very close to losing. But the last lucky shot helped us. So we are very happy. Goverla is very strong team, but they were missing one important player - Eric Coleman. So I must congratulate my players, because we played very concentrated from the beginning to the end, especially in the second half."

Kamil Svrdlik, player of BK Prostejov:
"I think it's a very great win for us, because all the game Goverla basically were up by few points. And in the end we almost lost the game, but we are very happy that we won."

Evgeny Murzin, head coach of BC Goverla:
"It was an equal game, the guys did a good job. But today we had two problems - we lost too many rebounds on our glass, and bad percentages at free throws. The guys worked very well, fought to the end, showed character. With three seconds to finish the game we went ahead. During the last attack we defended well, I have no comments to my players. But a crazy shot of our guests decided it all. But there is still five games - we will play, we will fight!"

Alexander Shostuha, player BC Goverla:
"We wanted to win, because it was the debut match in Europe. It is very difficult to lose like this, in the last seconds. A crazy shot of Smith decided an interesting game."


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