Quotes Besiktas Milangaz vs. BG Göttingen


Ergin Ataman, Besiktas coach:
"We have three wins ın three games and we're still leading the group. Deron was tremendous. The reason why we won the game is the ındıvıdual performances. But we can't be [too] happy about the win, because of the 94 points that our rivals scored."

Can Akin, Besiktas player:
"We played against the fastest and the most athletic team of the group. They are inexperienced but full of energy. We had a hard tıme in defence and we have to get better in that area."

Kyle Bailey, Göttingen point-guard:
"I am proud of our performance, Deron was unstoppable tonight. In the first half we were really great but in the second we couldn't keep this way."

Stefan Mienack, Göttingen coach:
"We played against one of the elite teams of Europe. They're absolute contenders for the title and they have great players. It's so hard to win agaınst a team in which Deron Wıllıams plays for."


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