Quotes BG Göttingen vs. ZZ Leiden


ZZ Leiden Head Coach Toon Van Helfteren
"We were aggressive from the start. We could make a difference in the first quarter. That is something we have not been able to do recently. As everybody knows that can't go on for all the 40 minutes, that we play on the level that we played in the first ten minutes. We had some lapses. Göttingen did a great effort to come back into the game. But at the right time we were able to make defensive stops and scored three times in a row. By doing that we were able to hold Göttingen back."

BG Göttingen Head Coach Stefan Mienack
"Honestly, we played a disastrous first quarter. The intensity level wasn't good. We played better in the second half. Our inside defense was not able to stop Gabriel Kennedy. But that is not to blame on our big men. That is an issue concerning our team defense. We need to play better team defense. This was a game we should have won out of two considerations: a) to keep our chances alive to qualify for the Last 16 and b) to get back on the winning track after all. It isn't sufficient enough to play one good half of basketball."

ZZ Leiden player JeVohn Shepherd
"Tonight we definitely came out aggressive. That worked to our favour to start out the game. In the second and third quarter we had some lapses. We picked it up. Göttingen is a great team. Fortunately, we came away with the victory tonight."

BG Göttingen player Raymond Sykes
"We played hard but we could have done better on defense. We have to improve our communication and rotations. That is something we have to work on."


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