Quotes Fuenlabrada vs. EWE Baskets


Porfirio Fisac, coach of Baloncesto Fuenlabrada:
"We played a good first half. But then we lacked defensive intensity. We have failed to play against the current. In addition, we have failed to adapt to the referee's criteria. We have an important lesson to learn from this match. I have not thought to play Gustavo Ayon because we will need him more for other games. So far, this competition we used to catch all the players race pace."

Jon Cortaberría, shooting guard of Baloncesto Fuenlabrada:
"We played a remarkable first half. In the first two quarters we played aggressively. But in the second half we failed to combat the physical styleplayed by the EWE Basket. They have been more aggressive on defense."

Pedrag Krunic, coach of EWE Baskets Oldenburg:
"It was a very good game. With two very different halves. In the first part  Fuenlabrada  played very well. But in the second half we played much more aggressive. A good defense gave us the option of easy points. In addition, we knew how to score key baskets that gave us the victory."

Milan Majstorovic, power fowatd of EWE Baskets Odenburg:
"The game had two very different parts. Luckily, we played with much more energy in the second half. In this part, we played better defense and have been stronger on the rebound. Good defense allowed us to play with less pressure on attack. We worked very hard to get the win."


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