Quotes BK Prostejov vs. Lukoil Academic


Lukoil Academic Head Coach Jovica Arsic:
"We continued a very well played game from the first leg. Still I have to admit I expected the game to go a little smoother for us. In spite of that, the final score reflects the quality of both teams. We were simply a couple of points better tonight."

BK Prostejov Head Coach Zbynek Choleva:
"We played a very decent game through the first half. After we switched side, however, we lost control over our one on one defence. Not to mention we were literally suffering at the end of the game. Our opponent was simply better in key areas of the game and made it obvious."

Lukoil Academic player Andre Owens:
"Both teams played well but as it always is, there has to be a winner and a loser. We are of course very happy we were the winners tonight. It was the defence and the fact that we seized every opportunity we had that played the key role in winning the game."

BK Prostejov player Matej Venta:
"Lukoil deserved to win. They clearly showed that on this level, you simply need to give it all you have throughout the whole game. We went through a five-minute period in which we lost all the concentration and Lukoil used the chance without hesitation, gaining 18 points on us."


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