Quotes Lukoil Academic vs. BK Prostejov


BK Prostejov Head Coach Zbynek Choleva:
"I think we weren't in a good shape tonight and we were also a little bit afraid from the atmosphere of the Eurocup qualifications. We missed a lot of shooting positions. Lamont Mack caused us some problems because he was scoring almost every shot and we did not stop him. I believe minus five points is not that bad before the second leg."

BK Prostejov player Travis Peterson:
"It was a tough game. Lukoil is a good team, pretty much the same team from last year. We feel lucky that we come out just five points down and hopefully we will play better in the next game at home."

LUKOIL Academic Head Coach Jovica Arsic:
"Nobody can say if this win by five points is enough, we'll see after the second game is over. The difference could have been more but it also could have been less. I am pleased that we won. We have potential to play better, Prostejov had done a good job with their scouting on our team and they didn't allow us to run our standard game. Some of our players were playing well but they are still not ready to play for 30 minutes. Our new players will probably need some more time to adapt but they proved that they have the necessary potential. The players that we are having back from last season are expected to step up and be relied on them in this qualification round. We would have made our job way easier if we had limited the number of their rebounds on the offensive side. We need to rebound better. I am optimistic for the outcome of the second game."

LUKOIL Academic player Bozhidar Avramov:
"The most important thing is that we won. There was some anxiety within our team, probably because of the fact that this was our first official game for the season. We can definitely play better but we haven't shown it yet. We have a week before our next game to improve our game and get rid of the tension."


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