Quotes Norrköping Dolphins vs. BC Telenet Oostende


BC Oostende Head Coach Jean-Marc Jaumin:
"I already knew from my coaching colleagues in Europe that Dolphins is a tough team to defeat. They can be very dangerous and you have to be on your guard all the way through the game. I missed one or two key players due to injuries. Nevertheless, we managed to win - with 26 points, which was a big and positive surprise to me. In the second half we gave Dolphins a lot of pressure - and that resulted in this major win."

Dolphins Head Coach Paul Burke:
"I am very impressed by Oostende, they really gave us some hard time. They did a very good job throughout the game and got after us with force in the second half of the game. It felt almost like a practice game - and we have a lot to do before we meet for the return game in Belgium next week."


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