Quotes Dexia Mons-Hainaut vs. Besiktas Milangaz


Ergin Ataman, Besiktas Milangaz coach:
"I want to congratulate Mons and I wish the team all the best in the future... Dexia played a very good game in the second half."

Mehmet Yagmur, Besiktas Milangaz:
"We played very bad in the third quarter, and everybody is awfully disappointed..."

Arik Shivek, Dexia Mons Hainaut coach:
"I'm very happy. We knew that this game was going to be very difficult. First, because we were eight points behind after the first leg, and also after we went ten points behind during the first half. In fact, we succeeded to play a fantastic third quarter, especially in defense, and I'm very proud of the reaction of my players, with a very strong mentality and a fighting spirit. We were provided with the opportunity to raise the level of our game and that made the difference. We had too much respect for Besiktas in the first half,but when we we led, all my guys knew they were close to a big achievement!"

Sebastien Bellin, Dexia Mons Hainaut:
"It's a great evening for the club, because everybody thought that Besiktas could eat us like a wolf... In fact, the team showed two faces during the game. First,we couldn't play as we wanted, due to the agressive defense of the Turkish team.  But then we put some trust in ourselves, while Besiktas began to look in trouble... We will now be competing on three fronts, with the championship which is beginning ,the cup, and specially the Eurocup which is a reward for the job we did. The opponents will be stronger than in EuroChallenge, and I think it's a good thing for our fans which were fantastic tonight!"


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