Quotes Beretta-Famila vs. Rivas Ecopolis


Rivas Ecopolis head coach Miguel Martinez Mendez

"I think we started the game very well. The first 15 minutes were really good. Then our starting five started to tire. We shot more from the outside and committed some turnovers while playing against zone defense. But with the experience this team has, we were able to take control of the game and then win."

Rivas point guard Elisa Aguilar
"We started the game really good and played very well defensively. Then we got a little bit tired and they managed to come back. It was a really good game between two great teams and we were lucky to win it."

Beretta-Famila head coach Maurizio Lasi
"At the start of the match we played soft and then we played our game and came back. But in the end with the help of their experience they went ahead and we couldn't answer with the energy we had."

Schio power forward Janel Mc Carville
"We played ok basketball for 3 and a half quarters. But at the very end when we needed stops and needed to communicate we were unable to do so as a team. Rivas took full advantage of that, hitting a couple of big shots back to back. They really limited what we wanted to do and pulled away in the final minutes of the game."


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