Quotes Wisla Can-Pack Krakow vs. ZVVZ USK Prague

21 February 2012

USK Prague Head Coach Lubos Blazek
"It was a hard game and for long time the result was open. In the last quarter Wisla played harder defence and much better in the paint so that decided the final score. We will do our best to win in Prague and come back to Krakow for the third game. Congratulations to the home team."

Wisla Can-Pack Head Coach Jose Hernandez
"We made the first step but there is the second one to be done. We want to do it in Prague. Both teams were very well prepared for the game with the good scouting - no secrets. The defence was better but I am also happy of the offense of my team. To win that game was for us very, very important but we must keep focussed. In Prague it is going to be maybe much harder."

USK Prague player Katerina Elhotova
"Like the coach said, it was a tough game. Both Teams played very good defence. Without Milton Jones and Burgova we had a lot of problems to stop Wisla. We want to come back to Krakow, I hope we will play a better game at home in Prague."

Wisla Can-Pack player Anke De Mondt
"We are very happy and hope to win in Prague if not in Krakow on 1 March. Very tough game for both teams, thanks to our fans for the excellent atmosphere."



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